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This site is the home of Classic Artwork by World Renowned Artists, Dan and Christian Dooley. Dan's premier work is of trees done in his imaginative, realistic style. The originals are all done in black ink and the prints will be available in various sizes and formats. They are limited editions, and have been prized by several substantial collectors. They will be made available to the general public for the first time on .

Christian Dooley is a noted Surreal Artist and also a skilled Blues Guitar Player and Singer (www.BluesUSA.Com ). You will be captivated by paintings and prints of his favorite musicians and his imaginative interpretations of various subject matters.

Some of Christian Dooley's Artworks
Tree 16   Dooley 1995 wc1 Bird Man L2
"O'Farrell Cedar Pygmy"  
BirdMan Original c. 1995
Ego of Man Original c. 1995
Tree11   Bird Man L1 Chris Dooley's
"Young Armstrong Oak"  
Birdman v.1
Ego of Man v.1
Tree 16 Detail   Bird Man L2
Closeup of a Tree
Birdman v.2
Ego of Man v.2